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How I Went from Running Hospitals to Running Freight

\”Expeditiously\” was the name of the game for it was a matter of life and death. You did not want to take a second for granted– because it was better late than never. Not much has change entering the world of last-mile delivery & logistics, now more than ever the culture is the same – I need it here and I need it here fast.We have taken that innate sense of urgency and transmuted it into the culture here at Marrone Logistics. Synonymous to the medical industry, we stand on the pillars of excellence, dedication, and constantly learning. In my years as a MedEvac Paramedic, many times my team and I were called to not perform our wide range of technical skills but to move a critical patient from point A to point B in the most efficient and safest way possible. Each mission was the rated successful or unsuccessful based on whether we got the patient where they needed to be. Not all transfers started by air finished by air mostly due to environmental constraints. This is where the idea of B.A.M.N. came to life – By Any Means Necessary. We would decide to divert from air operations to an ambulance, where we would maintain the stability of the patient and if necessary coordinating with local hospitals to shelter us while we planned the next leg of our mission.


Fast forward to the year 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic the world was facing a challenge of not getting the necessary supplies and PPE to front-line workers battling the crisis. PPE was getting to land however not making to the hospitals – Marrone Logistics was activated. They say adversity shows you what you are made of. We had implemented a fleet of vehicles from small cargo vans to large straight trucks to access the large and small health systems and community hospitals alike. We have also donated over 5000 masks to low-income communities. We warehoused over 15,000 parcels of PPE, dispatched and delivered aid to those on the front-line.


The relationships formed through those trying times solidified by our commitment to public service molded the foundation of Marrone Logistics. Since then we have evacuated freight from many businesses and manufacturers. By continuing on the path of impacting society with servitude compassion and ingenuity we will always put first –  You



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