Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT)

Can ELDT Training Be Done Online?

Despite the many benefits of taking ELDT training online, many people wonder if it’s really possible. First of all, ELDT training is required for commercial drivers in New York State. Additionally, the training provider must be approved by the FMCSA. Here’s how to find out if a training provider is approved. You can look for this information by searching for “certified training providers” on the FMCSA website. You can check us out at Marrone Logistics for professional ELDT training services.

ELDT theory training must be done online

To complete your EDLT training, you must take a number of courses. The first part of the training is called theory. This training teaches students the knowledge they need to drive a commercial vehicle safely. The second part of the training is called driving skills. These courses include hands-on training in a vehicle. The ELDT theory courses are available online from Marrone Logistics approved by Transport and Public Relations (TPR).

To pass the ELDT theory training, the candidate must have a CDL and be proficient in certain driving skills. These skills include vehicle inspection, backing, and street driving. The applicant’s training must also be approved by the governing agency. ELDT training can be completed online with ProDriverU, a website that offers free and convenient theory training and tests. ProDriverU allows students 90 days to complete the course.

ELDT training providers must be approved by the FMCSA

The FMCSA has recently issued a notice seeking public comment on a proposed rule requiring ELDT training providers to be approved by the agency. The notice calls for input from small businesses and other stakeholders regarding the benefits of ELDT training. This notice specifically calls for comments regarding the effectiveness of ELDT training and the processes and costs associated with delivering it. To comment, small businesses must submit a request for comment by July 19, 2014.

In order to qualify for ELDT training, a provider must be approved by the FMCSA and comply with state requirements. FMCSA has created a checklist for organizations that offer entry-level CDL training. These checklists outline the curriculum that must be covered by ELDT training. The FMCSA also publishes the ELDT Curriculum Summary and the Entry-Level Driver Training Rule Implementation Checklist.

Pre-requisites for ELDT training

Before you can sit for the ELDT theory skills test, you must complete Entry Level Driver Training from a licensed provider listed on the FMCSA’s Training Provider Registry. If you already hold a CLP, you must wait 14 days before taking the skills test. After passing the test, you’ll receive your CDL. You’ll need to pay an additional $2 for each endorsement. The first CDL you obtain will expire with your current basic license.

ELDT training must be done by a registered school or entity

To learn more about ELDT requirements, visit the FMCSA website. The training providers are listed in the Training Provider Registry. The training must be conducted in a classroom that is large enough for the class and has the necessary materials. In addition to providing classroom instruction, ELDT providers must also register with the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT).



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