Trucks have blind-spots. We don't.

Our business is laser-focused on eliminating longstanding inefficiencies in the shipping logistics industry, as well as resolving new challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Experts in Expedited Freight

We move freight with speed, precision, and care. By providing tailored, customer-oriented service, we never leave a shipper hanging.



The challenges posed by Covid-19 have highlighted flaws in existing shipping networks, and we sprang to action to fix these issues.



Trusted with thousands of deliveries, for everyone from major businesses to individuals.



Crisis Averted

Founder Michael Brown saw the flaws in existing shipping processes, and realized that he could put his background in EMS and hospital management to use to reshape shipping for the better.

People aren’t the only type of precious cargo. By applying the sophisticated logistics and best practices from the medical industry to the freight industry, Marrone Logistics has implemented novel approaches to solving many longstanding problems that shippers have faced.

You deserve the best.
Logistics is no exception.

It’s time to experience a better way to move your shipments.

Our Values

Pushing Boundaries

We don't do it the way it's always been done. We relentlessly question assumptions and norms. This is how we've been able to deliver freight more effectively and to give our customers an unparalleled experience.

Executing B.A.M.N.

We get the job done by any means necessary. By working with an in-house team of logistics professionals and coordinators, we're able to react nimbly, respond creatively, and develop solutions on the fly.

Constantly Learning

Shipping conditions can turn on a dime, whether as a result of supply chain issues, inclement weather, or a global pandemic. We learn from and adapt to real-life challenges, rather than sticking to an outdated standard playbook.